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Brand Strategy

From building emerging brands to redesigning brands with a modern edge, we work with your business to find the best solutions to get your business noticed.

Content Marketing

Unique is your path for success with marketing. That’s why everything we create for you is customized to your business. Say goodbye to stock photos, & copied content.

Public Relations

Your involvement in our local communities matters to your customers. Get your customers engaged with events, information sessions and more.

Who We Are?

Creativity is to Think More Efficiently

We’re full service marketing agency, which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital. Our goal is to form a lasting relationship with our clients, collaboration is central to what we do.

We are dedicated to finding the right solutions for your business. Our team is passionate about researching new trends and opportunities that will allow for our clients to surpass their competitors. In a world where the only consistency is knowing technology is consistently changing, it’s important to have a marketing team that is determined to give their clients the best with the latest and beneficial marketing solutions that technology has to offer.

We Love What We Do

We aim to discover and deconstruct to break things down and build them better


Our team works with you to determine your needs, expectations and goals by performing a S.W.O.T. analysis during your initial consultation. Giving us the full picture.


Our team researches your industry to identify the best solutions for you, where your competition stands and the methods for engaging with your target audience.


Our team creates unique content for you business, that optimizes information with mind-blowing graphics to deliver to your target audience, increasing your conversion rates.


Our team takes your approved content and distributes across high traffic platforms to buildup your brand awareness, and engage with the customers that matter most.

Your Partner in Growth

We feel like an in-house marketing department, with an outsourced marketing perspective. Offering your business the advantages of professional, customizable content at the click of a button.

Our name is symbolic of our outlook, we relate to your business. You’ll experience exceptional customer service, breathtaking design, and innovative solutions delivered through our robust marketing strategies.

What We Have to Offer

At Rel8 Marketing, we build comprehensive, unified marketing campaigns structured to suit your needs. With our expertise in P.P.C., Social Media, S.E.O. and Web Design, we are able to build a unique marketing strategy that maximizes on the benefits of both digital and traditional marketing solutions to drive performance.

Business Analysis

Get an in-depth breakdown of your business. We will provide you with a summary of what you strengths are, opportunities, weakness and what steps to take to eliminate potential threats.


Whether you are designing a new product, launching a new business, or looking to recreate an existing business – our team has you covered, from custom logo design to print promotion.

Web Development

We build custom websites for your business that provide you with captivating content, optimized layouts, and sales funnel concepts. Helping you keep your relevant viewers on your page.

Social Media

Whether you are looking to create a social media presence, or revamp your social media strategy, our experts will help you grow across the key social platforms for your businessspecific industry.


Move your business up Google’s search results with Search Engine Optimization. Our team will help get your business out front and above your competitor when your customers are searching. 

Search Marketing

Our team of certified experts are here to help you with your digital ad spend and maximize your R.O.I. Get better results on your P.P.C. / S.E.M. campaigns with a structured, strategized approach.

Event Marketing

Looking at planning an event? Our team is dedicated to providing your event with industry leading marketing solutions that are cost effective. Non-profit? Ask us about how to receive free marketing.

Public Relations

Our experience connecting products and services with people allows for us to be ideal ambassadors for your business. We create unique, lively, strategized events that keep people talking.

Looking for other services? Let us know what you are looking for and we will provide you with a quote. 
Have Your Heard?

Country Bliss Magazine

Country Bliss Magazine highlights local businesses to the viewers that matter most.

Country Bliss offers a high quality, metropolitan worthy magazine at an affordable cost for our advertisers. Check out the Country Bliss App, as well as the digital copy.

Our goal is to create a highly sought-after magazine that provides our local businesses with the competitive advantage of highlighting only our community’s businesses. Giving consumers an information guide and “Go To” for finding the right service provider or retail business in our area. Showcasing the best that our communities have to offer! 

The App

Technology and design. That is what we offer when we publish our magazine. Our app offers a directory, digital copy, and recommendations to our users. Keeping you connected with your customers, conveniently.

Truly Unique | Truly Local

From professional athlete’s editorials, to local business advice columns, Country Bliss magazine has something for everyone to enjoy reading. Offering your business great exposure to all demographics.

Want to see our first edition? Check out the magazine by clicking the button.
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